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Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.


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out of it


out of it

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i dont want a boyfriend or girlfriend
i want a faithful dragon companion

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Look at my hoard its so pretty and i got a few new things today


Look at my hoard its so pretty and i got a few new things today


*dragon noises*


Dapper Dragon Filigree Acrylic Wings, $25.00


ugh for some reason im repulsed by almost all types of meat

maybe its just a personal preference thing or maybe it has something to do with what my dragon likes? I seem to gravitate towards/crave fruits more than anything else, but i dont want to jump to conclusions just yet. I’ll have to meditate on this more

does anyone else get weird food cravings/ get really repulsed by foods because of their kintype?

Meee! When I feel more like a dragon than human (this happens to me a lot, does it happen to anyone else? Question for another post….) I cannot STAND the smell of cinnamon or the taste of potatoes. So weird, right?


let’s talk about hoards!

here’s some questions you can answer. feel free to elaborate or ramble or talk about things these questions may not cover!

  1. whats your favorite kind of thing to hoard?
  2. if you hoard rocks, crystals, or seashells, what is your favorite type?
  3. what is your favorite piece…

Most of my hoard came from my kleptomaniac phase in early highschool. I seem to gravitate towards red flowers, silver chains, and large quartz pieces. Also shiney fabric.

Good Songs For Otherkin & Therians


Good songs for everyone:
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) - David Guetta
Everybody Want to Be A Cat - Psapp
Animal (Miike Snow Cover) - Sky Ferreira
Lion - Hollywood Undead
Crying Wolf - Enya
Last Of The Wilds - Nightwish
Shooting Star - Owl City
Archangel - Two Steps From Hell
Dragon Pirates…