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There was an episode of faceoff in which they designed and created dragon-type creatures.

And I have to say.

I was pretty disappointed.

I mean seriously. They were given a massive lab with hundreds of thousands of dollars of supplies and tools. Only two actually took the time to make wings, one made a toad (he actually called it a toad) and the others made humans with scales. I am all for humanoid dragons, but there is no way the bone structure of the face alone would be even remotely similar, based on diet. Not to mention the chest capacity required to exhale your defense mechanism, be it fire, ice, sand, what have you. I am sad. They could have done so much more.

bleedingarbys-deactivated201407 said: hi! as a fellow otherkin how do you deal with people saying that you need help? I personally identify with the arby's original roast beef sandwich and this causes most people to say that i am delusional. since you are someone who thinks like me how do you cope with their ignorance?

Mostly, I just try to remember that I know what I feel is not a delusion, and that their ignorance is not my problem. Their limitations don’t apply to me. Stay strong





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1. Dragon Claw Ring - £18.17

2. Dragon Bracelet - £3.03

3. Eastern Dragon Ear Cuff - £10.23

4. Dragon Ear Cuff - £33.31

5. Red Dragon Scale Leggings - £12.05

6. Eastern Dragon Jade Pendent - £23.92

7. Purple Dragon Egg Pendent - £12.08

This is for tsukikokin who asked for Dragonkin gifts! { I may have went overboard…oops~ }


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No but

Little werewolf kids having a designated hour of Gentle Play where they’re allowed to handle rabbits and kittens and gerbils to teach them about control and patience and respect for other life

Little werewolf kids sniffing and staring wide-eyed at the tiny creatures and…